European listed biotech companies: stock performance tracking after the coronavirus outbreak (updated)

The markets have been very volatile lately, and the main indices have known historical sessions in terns or performances on last Monday (09/03/2020), and even worse on last Thursday (12/03/2020, a real “Black Thursday” of the 21st century). That day, the European markets saw either their largest falls ever, either their worst performances since 19/10/1987[…]

European listed biotech landscape: 2019 review and outlook for 2020

2018 was a very bad year for the European biotech landscape, so the question was whether a rebound coud take place or not in 2019, in a global environment where the recurring macro themes basically remained unchanged: US/China trade war, Brexit, rates, recession fears (you know, the one that is announced every year for the[…]

Stock performances of European biotech companies: status at the end of Q3 2019

Stock performances of the European listed biotech companies were positive at the end of 30/09/2019, on average. However, the median performance is -9.0%, leads to an easy conclusion: the average performance was driven by outliers on the gaining side. Unlike 2018, where overall, there was a common pattern downwards, 2019 data are heavily spread among[…]

Deal Monitor: status at the end of Q3 2019

It’s time to make a top view status of the deal activity for the 150+ European listed biotech companies in our universe. The data below include deals from all categories (R&D collaborations, Out-Licensing deals, Supply/Distribution deals, JV, IP licensing, Sales/Divestments), except the in-licensing deals. Please refer to our introductory report for more details and explanations.[…]

Record-breaking financing for European public biotech companies in Q3 2019 but…

The third quarter of 2019 has been historical for European listed biotechs. The total amounts raised or secured by the 150+ listed companies under coverage reached 2168 mEUR, all categories included (equity issue, US IPO, warrants/equity lines, debt/non-dilutive sources). That makes this quarter likely the best ever… However, this number hides a much less positive[…]

We Are Now Open!

Dear all, this is my great pleasure to announce the launch of today. This is a subscription service for pro-investors and profressionals in Life Sciences, providing data and intel on the European landscape of public biotech companies. Pipeline data and financials are obviously the backbones of the service, but there’s indeed more. The underlying[…]