European listed biotech companies: stock performance tracking after the coronavirus outbreak (updated)

The markets have been very volatile lately, and the main indices have known historical sessions in terns or performances on last Monday (09/03/2020), and even worse on last Thursday (12/03/2020, a real "Black Thursday" of the 21st century). That day, the European markets saw either their largest falls ever, either their worst performances since 19/10/1987 (October 1987 krach).
The table below recapitulates the main markets data of the European listed biotech companies in our universe, as of 13/03/2020, with variations over the past 3 weeks, or approximately since the beginning of the global spread of the covid-19 outbreak, especially in the Western countries. The variations provided are those for the stock prices, the market caps, and the enterprise values (or EV, including debt). The Cash / Market cap ratio is also provided, as of 13/03/2020, based on live cash estimates. The data as of 24/02/2020 (closing) are taken as the reference. The stock prices are in the currency of the country of listing. The market cap & EV values are in million euros.
Over these past 3 weeks, the performances were -23.5% on average, and -25.8% for the median, respectively. All the market cap segments were impacted.

This table might be furtherly updated, depending on how the markets behave in the next days or weeks.

Update after 4 weeks: