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Biotellytics is committed to safeguarding your privacy. Contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions or problems regarding the use of your Personal Data and we will gladly assist you.
Our Privacy Policy can also be found in our General Terms of Use. The French and European regulations apply.

Table of Contents

  1. Personal Data
  2. Consent
  3. Storage
  4. Payment
  5. Security
  6. Cookies
  7. Rights concerning Personal Data
  8. Duration of Personal Data storage

1. Personal Data

Collected Personal Data

  • Personal data are mainly collected by the Company from the Website through the use of online forms, “cookies,” and the Client’s browser.
    The main Personal Data collected are: title; last name; first name; country; mailing address; telephone number; e-mail address; IP address (of the equipment and the internet service provider); browsing data (language preference, date and time of access to the Website; the Website pages visited; etc.).
    The Client’s personal data are mainly collected at the time of subscription to the Services, their placement of an order, and the performance of associated payment transactions.

Purpose of Processing of Collected Personal Data

  • In compliance with Law 78/17 of January 6, 1978, as amended by the Laws of August 6, 2004 and June 20, 2018, the Company undertakes to process its Clients’ Personal Data in order to perform its obligations by way of executing the Services it offers, to generate statistics or analyses, commercial prospection, as well as to send qualified information to said clients.
    Nevertheless, the data are not resold.

Recipients of the Personal Data

  • The Company is committed to preserving the confidentiality of personal data processed in the course of performing its obligations.
    Furthermore, given that these data are likely to be disclosed to Company partners responsible for the delivery, processing, management, and payment of the orders, the Company ensures that these partners have sufficient guarantees regarding the implementation of appropriate technical and organizational measures, so that the data processing meets the requirements of the applicable regulations.
    In addition, the Company reserves the right to disclose the Personal Data of its Clients if compelled by law or in case of a Client breach of these Terms.

Client consent is deemed to be given for the purpose of Service subscription, order placement, and the associated payment transactions.
Should the Clients’ personal data be used for marketing purposes, the prior express consent of the Clients is necessary. The Clients shall be given the possibility to withdraw their consent at any time by sending an e-mail to: [email protected].

3. Storage

The Website is hosted by Hostinger International, 61 Lordou Vironos, Larnaca, CY, 6023 (Cyprus).
The collected Personal Data are hosted by Hostinger International, 61 Lordou Vironos, Larnaca, CY, 6023 (Cyprus).

4. Payment

Payment for Services rendered is carried out by the Client: (i) through bank transfer to the Company’s account (whose details will have been provided to said Client beforehand); (ii) directly online via a secure online payment service, such as Stripe.
Information relative to payment transactions is retained as long as is necessary to finalize orders. Once the orders have been completed, the information concerning the relevant transactions is deleted.
All direct payment gateways comply with the PCI-DSS, governed by the PCI Security Standards Council, arising from the joint effort of companies such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

5. Security

The Company is committed to implementing all means necessary to ensure the security and privacy of Personal Data.
As such, in order to protect the Personal Data of its Clients, the Company takes a set of precautions and implements the best practices in the matter to ensure that said Data are not lost, diverted, accessed, disclosed, modified or destroyed in an inappropriate way.

6. Cookies

What is a "cookie"? A "cookie" or tracer is an electronic file deposited on a terminal, such as a computer, a tablet or a smartphone and read when browsing a website, reading an e-mail, installing or using software or a mobile application, whatever the type of terminal used.
In this particular case, the proper functioning of the Website involves the installation of cookies on the Client’s computer upon connection in order to record information related to the latter’s browsing history (pages viewed, date and time of access, etc.) and the identity of Clients.
When accessing the website for the first time, a banner explaining use of “cookies” will appear. By further continuing to browse, the Client or prospective client shall be considered to have been informed and to have accepted the use of said "cookies."
The Client reserves the right to oppose the use of cookies by directly configuring his or her browser software.

7. Rights concerning Personal Data

According to national and European regulations currently in force, the Client has the permanent right to access, modify, correct, oppose, and port information held about it.
To exercise this right, the Client only needs to submit a request to the following e-mail address: [email protected].
Furthermore, if there is reason to believe that the security of a Client’s personal data has been compromised or that these Data have been misused, the Client reserves the right to contact the Company at the following e-mail address: [email protected].
The Company shall examine the complaints regarding the use and disclosure of Personal Data and seek a solution in accordance with existing regulations.

8. Duration of Personal Data storage

Personal Data shall be held no longer than the legal period and only as long as necessary in respect of the data minimization principle (reference here - in French).

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy.
The last modification was made November 20, 2022.

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