The European listed biotech companies with COVID-19 programs: status & follow-up (updated 13/01/2021)

In the context of the COVID-19/SARS-Cov-2 pandemic, many biopharma companies throughout the world try to bring therapeutic options, on top of the topic of testing, which will not be focused on here. Some European listed companies have joined this international effort over the past weeks, and especially since the month of March. Vaccine development has[…]

ESMO 2019 abstract list & presentations

31 abstracts, at least, should be presented at the coming ESMO 2019 meeting on therapies or products from European biotech companies in our universe. The meeting kicks off at the end of the week. Faron managed to get a Late-Breaking Abstract spot (Faron says it was accepted as a Poster Discussion), which is quite rare[…]