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Deal Monitor – European Public Biotech Companies

Data as of 04/10/2023.

Financing Monitor – European Public Biotech Companies

Data as of 04/10/2023.

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DATA & INTEL FOR A 360° View on the Public Biotech Landscape in Europe

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Our data coverage is focused on the European biotech companies listed on the main stock exchange platforms in 13 countries: Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, UK, Ireland, Spain, Italy and the Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland). The coverage only includes biotech companies developping therapeutics, we DO NOT COVER: pharma companies, the medtech landscape, nor the associated service companies (CRO, CMO, Drug Discovery, etc…), with few exceptions nevertheless. We include some potentially high-growth companies in the field of diagnostics, as well as some specialty companies.


We provide timely detailed data on the pipeline of all the companies, representing more than 1200 programs currently at the clinical stage (more than 2000 programs overall). Our service is both a discovery tool for potential new opportunities, and a platform tracking any event from the covered companies. It may also be seen as a promoting support for this universe, even though we are completely independent. Maximize knowledge in a short period, and gain a tremendous amount of time in your due dilligence and research process. We do not cover the scientific analysis part (results from clinical trials).


We provide up-to-date relevant financial data on the companies: cash positions, cash burn rates, live cash estimates, cash runways, income statements. Don’t get lost in the numerous financing schemes with our detailed tracking of the financing lines (as much as decently possible). Access our database of financing agreements, parse our records of the various partnerships between the companies and third parties. Keep track of the stocks on our free dashboards (disclaimers apply), and more.


We will strive to deliver specific insights on the public European biotech landscape by leveraging our large -and still growing- set of data. We aim to provide intelligence, highlighting dynamics, as well as identifying trends in various relevant areas. We will also provide a picture of the landscape periodically. Some analysis may be published in the form of reports, reserved to our clients or made public.

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Our Service covers the pipeline, the commercial products (therapeutics only), the financials, the deals, the financing operations of the European public biotech companies, and more.
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We DO NOT provide any recommendations on any financial instruments. We own our data and we collect them from corporate or well-trusted sources (e.g. We operate as an independent company.

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