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To keep it simple to manage on our end, our Beta launch currently only includes a single plan for retail customers.

Use the LAUNCH75 coupon code to obtain a 75% reduction on the initial period (first month), i.e. only €6 VAT included to test the site (cancel subscription at any time). Coupon available only in limited quantity.

The Basic Plan on includes the following features:

  • Company Dashboard: view all the data from a company on a single page, approximately 170 Europe-listed biotech companies at the end of 2022
  • Event Screener: use custom filters to find the events of your choice
  • Data available in this plan:
    • events / catalysts (clinical trials, regulatory, etc) over a limited timeframe i.e. 3 years backwards & 1 year forward versus current calendar year i.e. back to 01/01/2020 & up to 31/12/2024 as of 2023
    • company profile
    • pipeline summary
    • main financial data (income statement, liabilities)
    • basic stock chart & stock data
    • Market Cap / EV
    • cash data: position, burn, runway (estimates & as disclosed by company if available), live cash estimates
    • product sales / revenues / royalties (restricted to lead product)
    • deals & financings (timeframe restricted)
    • news feed when available
    • sector reports on our covered universe
    • financials calendar
  • Weekly data updates (usually over the weekend) / Delayed for stock data / End-of-Day for stock charts
  • Data sourced from official public sources (except estimates)
  • Unsubscribe at any time (each monthly period started is due), the subscription ends at the end of the current monthly period (except estimates)
  • This dataset might be modified over the Beta launch period (more in the way of additions than removals).
The content of the service is not adapted, or optimal, for small screens (e.g. those from smartphones), and displays with a small definition (typically old devices). In this case, the user experience might then be degraded. The subscriber is thus made aware of these limitations.
You will NOT find any investment advice here.
Payment by Credit Card only, via Stripe. The site does NOT store Credit Card details. These info are only sent to, and stored at Stripe, a leading third-party payment service, for the transactions on this site.

Please read our General Terms and Conditions of Sales (Non-professional/retail customers), and General Terms and Conditions of Use before subscribing.

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