The European landscape of listed biotech companies: 2018 review (Part 5)

2018 Fact Sheet

  • 150 European biotech companies in our universe, from 13 European countries, and listed on stock markets from 8 operators
  • 1 company out of 5 in our selection with at least one product generating revenues, 38% in “late-stage”, 27% in “early-stage”, rest at preclinical stage
  • 341 unique product candidates in active clinical development (57 in phase 3), 76 unique commercial products, 624 R&D programs in active clinical development (105 in phase 3)
  • 43.8 bEUR of total market capitalization, and median market cap of 71.7 mEUR at the end of 2018, versus 391 bUSD of total market capitalization for a selection of US biotech listed on Nasdaq, with a median market cap of 194.2 mUSD
  • Nasdaq OMX and Euronext as the main stock markets at the end of 2018, each representing one third of the total valuations, LSE/AIM clearly lagging
  • 8 European companies with market cap ≥1 bEUR at the end of 2018 (9 in USD), 84 out of 503 selected companies on Nasdaq with a market cap ≥1 bEUR (89 in USD)
  • -17% average and -29% median for the stock performance of 155 European biotech companies (of which 5 de-listed) in 2018, roughly -50% for UK biotech stocks (average and median)
  • 244 mEUR daily average turnover on the biotech sector in Europe, 84.3% of the turnovers concentrated into the 3 main European markets by total market cap (Euronext, Nasdaq OMX, XETRA)
  • Approximately 15500 employees or FTEs among our 150 European listed bios at the end of 2018
  • 3.62 bEUR raised from financing activities in 2018 (-15% year-over-year), including 2.3 bEUR (+37% y-o-y) from “offering”-like financing, median amount raised of 8.9 mEUR from offerings/issue of equity in Europe versus 17.5 bUSD (~14.8 bEUR) in the US for “Follow-On Public Offerings”
  • 4.6 bEUR of cash collected in 2018 including 0.97 bEUR from extra sources of cash (sources outside financing activities, including licensing deals mainly)
  • 72% decline in amounts from US IPOs (dual listings), 67% decline from European IPOs
  • A tremendous gap in IPO dynamics between the EU and the US in 2018
  • 3.29 bEUR of total cash burn
  • 35% of the companies with less than 12 months of cash runway at the end of 2018, 65% with more than 12 months, one third with more than 24mo of cash runway
  • Median of 75% of the total operating expenses allocated to R&D
  • 52 out-licensing deals, including 886 mEUR of cash upfront payments, for a total value of 13.1 bEUR - 1.16 bEUR of cash collected and total deal value of more than 13.4 bEUR, all deal category included
  • Median Upfront Amount/Total Deal Value ratio of 7.7% out of 26 out-licensing deals with all the contributions disclosed, of which 5 (19%) including an equity investment, for a global amount of 255 mEUR
  • Median cash upfront of 13.2 mEUR out of 33 out-licensing deal with disclosed data, for a median total deal value of 193 mEUR
  • A potential deal megatrend initiated between Europe and China/Greater China

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