We Are Now Open!

Dear all, this is my great pleasure to announce the launch of biotechradar.eu today.
This is a subscription service for pro-investors and profressionals in Life Sciences, providing data and intel on the European landscape of public biotech companies.
Pipeline data and financials are obviously the backbones of the service, but there's indeed more.
The underlying idea supporting the development of this service through the years (first idea in 2015) is that there is value for investors and pharma everywhere.
The European biotech landscape is still considered "in the making" or "in its infancy", continuously looking for THE success stories that will drive the sector on the Old Continent. Still, it is on its way to give birth to (hopefully) soon-to-be integrated biopharma companies every year. One may cite argenx or Galapagos as 2 recent examples, and value was created in Europe first. Why wouldn't you spot the next ones today?
Europe is a very fragmented & heterogeneous territory, and the same burden applying to drug regulatory approvals might be seen as hurdles for investors willing to know more about the European landscape. This service aims at aggregating data from all the main European markets, and to treat it as one, thus providing a global picture. Acknowledging that not all the small European bios are of interest to investors (median market capitalization well below 75m€ as of today), there are still many companies in lack of exposure to the international audience, and this service is also a way to showcase them (Biotellytics, pubslisher of this website, is a totally independent company).
Our service might fit for investors as well as professionals in Life Sciences operating e.g. in business development or like advisors.
It is now open to free demos and subscriptions will officially open next month.

Kind Regards,
Bertrand Delsuc,
CEO, Founder